Westminster Appraisal & Consultation

We offer very specialized Appraisal and Consultation services across the USA.  Our specialities include:

Sports Memorabilia

Autographs, Jerseys, Uniforms, BaseBalls, Photos, Trophies, Bats, Hockey Sticks, Vintage athletic shoes - pretty much any sport memorabilia.

Coins, Currency and Medals

Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Silver Dollars and rare coins

Sports, Trading Cards

Sports Cards, including, but not limited to Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey and Entertainment cards.

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We also appraise:
Space Memorabilia
Presidential Memorabilia
Olympic Memorabilia
Entertainment Memorabilia

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Westminster Coin & Jewelry Ltd.

Westminster Coin & Jewelry Ltd. has consulted with U.S. and Worldwide Government Mints, Mint Directors, Private Mints and Refiners around the world as well as Banks, Financial Planners, Trust and Estate Managers, Lawyers, Major Corporations, CPA's and Depositories.

Westminster Publishing

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