The Silver Book

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Thirty years ago it was a fairly simple task to provide customers and associates with information concerning commonly traded Silver bullion, coins and bars. Today it is much more difficult because many countries, private mints, and refineries have introduced such a variety to the marketplace. After searching unsuccessfully for a reference book that we could recommend to our customers, we decided to write one ourselves – The Silver Book.

People often ask us “What’s It Worth, so we have included a simple silver formula for you to use any time to find out “What It’s Worth” for yourself. You will be able to identify and calculate the exact gold value, at the moment, of the items that you own, are considering buying, selling, trading or valuing. This reference was compiled for people who seek specific facts about commonly traded silver bullion coins and bars in order to make informed business and personal decisions. This group includes:

· Appraisers
· Attorneys
· Bankers
· Buyers
· Coin Dealers
· CPA’s
· Estate Attorneys
· Financial Planners
· Insurance Company Personnel
· Investors
· Jewelers
· Pawnbrokers
· Sellers
· Silversmiths
· Stockbrokers
· Anyone else involved in the business of buying, selling, appraising or accepting silver.

This book is extremely easy to use because the pages follow a standard format. This enables the reader to locate comparable information by quickly flipping from page to page, or straight to the exact page that you need. Life sized pictures of both the obverse (front) and reverse (back) of most coins on every page to assist readers in quickly identifying a particular silver coin.

The Silver Book is unique for a number of reasons:

1. It is primarily a reference book about the most commonly traded silver bullion coins and bars-items which most closely follow spot silver - rather than coins of numismatic rarity or value.
2. It includes silver rounds, coins and bars because many times investors want to compare characteristics to determine relative value.
3. It systematically presents organized information unavailable in any other single reference.
4. It contains up-to-date issuance information as well as broad coverage of many of the worlds commonly traded gold coins and bars.
5. It provides a straight forward, reader friendly formula to determine what your silver is worth at any time, all by yourself.

It is our hope that novices, professionals, collectors and hobbyists will consult this book before buying or selling silver rounds, coins and bars or accepting it as collateral.

Our goal is to provide you with an unbiased, comprehensive, factual silver bullion information in a systematic, easy to use, reader friendly format. Whether you are a novice or experienced, this book will instantly provide you with the facts you need.